Q. Can I bring my own personal Hair & Make up / Tanning Assistant backstage?

A. Absolutely No Assistants Backstage. We have Hair & Make up / Tanning Professionals you can contact at: Liquid Sun Rayz

Tanning appointments available for Friday, August 14th
Hair and Make-up appointments available for Saturday, August 15th

Heidi @ (908)489-1475


Q. Can I Register or Check In on the Day of the Contest (Saturday, Aug 15th)

A. No. All Athletes Must Register on Friday, August 14th at the Host Hotel; Baltimore Hilton between 4-9 pm.


Q. Can my Trainer or Friend accompany me Back Stage.

A. Yes! Only if they purchase a “Coaches Pass” for $75 for the Back Stage Area at the time of Athlete Registration.


Q. Can I have my Music Start Before I walk on stage?

A. No. All Music will start Immediately following the reading of your name by the Contest MC. All music limited to 70 seconds in length.


Q. Can I bring my Pet to the contest?

A. No Pets or Animals Allowed.


Q. Can I bring my own Weights?

A. Yes, provided they are not brought into the Backstage Area or the Contest venue.


Q. Can I buy my NPC Card the day of the Contest?

A. 2014 registration cards can be ordered by mail

However they take about 6 weeks to arrive

NPC registration cards will also be available Friday the 14 th at check ins


Q. After my Posing, can I bring my family up onstage?

A. No one other than fellow Competitors will be allowed onstage


Q. Can I have “Special Lighting” for my Posing Routine?

A. All Stage Lighting will be the same for All Competitors- No Exceptions.


Q. My Posing Music only has a few “Curse Words/ Swear Words” in it, is that ok?

A. No!

Music with Obscene Curse Words will be Stopped and Athlete maybe Disqualified. Please check your Music BEFORE turning it in at Athlete Registration.


Q. What is the host hotel?

Baltimore Hilton-

401 W. Pratt St. Baltimore, MD
Ask for: Rebecca
Mention: Shawn Ray Classic

(443) 573-8700